Buyer’s Home Inspection

If you’re investing in a new property, it’s critical to have an inspection carried out that can prevent any issues arising after your purchase. While most buyers carry out inspections before purchasing homes, many make the mistake of choosing an inexperienced inspection team that doesn’t have the expertise to identify niche problems. If you’re investing a large amount of money in a new property, it’s imperative that you protect your financial interests via a comprehensive home inspection.

Our team of Colorado-based inspectors has vast experience inspecting a broad range of complex properties. At present, we have carried out numerous property inspections throughout the region, which has allowed us to excel in our expertise. We have the expertise you need to ensure the home you’re purchasing is worth its price.

We take our job seriously: we’re like medical professionals in the property industry. We’ll inspect your home thoroughly to identify any issues and recommend ways that you or the current owner can combat them. If you’re still in the negotiating process for your new home, we can help ensure you go into discussions with a full understanding of the home’s health.

We also offer military and senior citizen discounts.

Our Experience

What makes C.H.I.P. so unique? The reason we’re able to stand out from the crowd is our excellent team of inspectors. Our professionals have extensive experience in the building and construction industries. They understand what issues impact the viability of a home and its critical structural components.

Commonly Identified Problems

If you’ve never performed a home inspection before, you’re probably wondering what types of problems can be identified. In all honesty, most issues that arise during home inspections are related to maintenance of the home. Performing routine and necessary maintenance can help protect you from problems further down the line.

Regardless, it’s not your responsibility to maintain a home you have yet to purchase. We’re here to make sure that there aren’t any “deal breaker” problems that come up during the purchasing process. We’ll also make sure that if there are minor problems, you’re aware of them so they can be fixed before they turn into more significant issues.

So, what are some of the initial problems that we identify when we examine a home for the first time?

  • Caulking Issues – This is one of the most common issues that we identify when we first enter a home. While at face value caulking problems aren’t the end of the world, broken seals can cause water damage and other more severe issues. This is why it’s always essential to caulk your sinks, baths, and other vital areas of your home.
  • Dirty Gutters – Another common issue is dirty gutters. Again, while this isn’t a massive issue in theory, it can create bigger problems if it goes untouched. A lack of water flow can create buildup and pressure on external components of your home.
  • Leaking Toilets – If toilets are loose, they may be causing leaks that create severe water damage around the floor of your property. It’s essential to identify these types of problems early, or they may develop into larger moisture issues.
  • General Leaks – Unfortunately, water damage is a serious reason for concern as it can damage the internal structure of your home.
  • Lack of Ventilation – If the ventilation components of your home are damaged, it may cause health risks. This is another common issue we find during home inspections.
  • Roof Damage – While roof damage can go unnoticed for quite some time, a large storm can make the problem much more evident. Repairing and replacing roofing is often an expensive job. It’s important to check the roof before you purchase a home – you don’t want a substantial cost like a roof replacement soon after closing.
  • Structural Issues – If slabs or other vital components of your home are damaged, you may end up paying significantly for it. Identifying structural damage can determine the viability of a house before purchase.
  • Termite Damage – This is another silent killer. Termites often go unnoticed until it’s too late – they destroy your home from the inside out. We can make sure there aren’t termites ruining the integrity of your home’s infrastructure.

C.H.I.P.’s Inspection Process

At C.H.I.P., we employ a comprehensive inspection process that ensures buyers understand any potential risks in their future homes. We start by assessing the kitchen and then work from there to evaluate the rest of the house. We perform a thorough walk-through to determine the underlying problems.

We encourage you to tag along for the inspection. This way you can ask any questions you have and better understand the various components of your future home. While you don’t have to attend the walkthrough, it will prevent confusion in the future.

One of the key benefits of our service is that we provide our buyers with the inspection report on the same day as the inspection. Some inspection companies make you wait days to receive your full report. Our quick turnaround time means that you can make a purchasing decision on your home as quickly as possible.

Get Your Future Home Inspected Today

Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting moments of your life. If you want to ensure that you’re buying the right home for the right price, you need to make sure that you work with an inspection team that means business. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an honest assessment of their future home’s health.

If you’d like to speak to our team of highly-qualified professionals, get in touch with C.H.I.P. today. Our team works with a range of clients throughout the Aurora, Colorado region. We’re always happy to take on clients at short notice. We’ll come to the home to provide you with an honest opinion about any minor or major issues related to the home’s current condition.

Don’t wait – the sooner you inspect your future home, the sooner it will be yours!